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Our Services

Our Services

Our services cover entirely everything related to Buying/Selling and Business Transactions between People and/or Businesses, Institution and Government Relations, Settlement of Foreign Companies in their Legal, Tax and Accounting aspects.
Wherever you are, you will get our efficiency and professionalism.

Buying and Selling of:
• Properties: Urban-Rural-Industrial-Tourist
• Companies: Several
• Tourist Resorts: Hotels-Inns-Resorts
• Forest exploitation: Promotion and Commerce Laws of Provincial Forest Concessions-Argentina and Chile.

Title deed Research
Inhibition - Property - Land Registry

Feasible business development research
Exploitation of Agricultural and Livestock-Tourism-Industries

Appraisal of:
Properties: Urban-Rural-Industrial-Touríst
Companies: Commercial and Industrial
(With no charge if you do business with us)

Our service is specifically oriented towards our product promotions (Properties and Companies)

Notarial Advise
Transfer Costs and Taxes of Immovable and Movable Items and Livestock, Title Deeds, Actions and Rights-Agreements and Contracts)

Accounting and Tax Advise
Currency Transfers from and to Abroad-Association of National and Foreign Commercial Societies, Agreement and Commercial Contracts, Associations (Joint Venture-Joint Agreement-Options to Purchase)

Legal Advise
Deeds, Actions and Rights, Agreements and Contracts-Association of National and Foreign Business Societies, Associations (Joint Venture-Joint Agreement-Options to Purchase-Possession Take)

Financial Advise
Chattel and House Mortgage loan negotiation for Acquisition and Commercial Development.

Domestic Service Advise
Hydrocarbure poles specialty - Data Gathering of Fields, Domestic Service Agreements.

Updated Information
About variations in the Real Estate Market in Patagonia - Argentina and Chile -, Tendencies, Reports from each of our Professionals, specialized in their areas.

Personalized Contact
You can (by setting date and time) establish a direct communication with any staff member of our Company through our site Chat channel.

Key-in-hand Proposals - Architecture - Engineering - Design - Refurbishments and Remodeling - Road and Location Constructions - Company Hiring-Blueprints and Construction Work Direction - Town Hall Procedures - Data Gathering.

Properties, Industrial, Commercial and Residential -Temporary Rentals of Offices and Properties, fully equipped for Companies.

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