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The Company

The Company

Inmobiliaria Comodoro S.A.
We are a pure Patagonian Company, we lack the typical formalisms of the major cities, but we are seriously committed to the service efficiency and quality that the sector demands.

We have an specialized marketing system and it is specifically developed for each product to be commercialized; we promote all kinds of associations and actively participate in many of them. Important clients of Inmobiliaria Comodoro S.A. (ICSA) have put their financial trust into our proven business vision by participating in our investment funds with excellent earning takes.

Having known the famous sustainable development of an economy directed toward Recreational and Sport Tourism, an increasing activity in our latitudes, investors around the world have been seduced by this and are willing to deposit their efforts of many years and their work in Patagonia, by doing big investments and generating jobs.

Our Patagonia varies a lot, not only in topography, but also in landscape; from the West to the East we find wooded areas of the pre mountain range and the mountain range, with streams, rivers and lakes, the central plateau with semiarid features, up to the Atlantic coast, characterized with semiarid featured fields combined with magnificent beaches and sight views from the Atlantic Ocean.

The main activity of the agricultural and livestock sector is ovine raising (with renown products in the world), followed by bovine production (not less required) . The last one is developed in the humid region of Patagonia. Over the past years and due to the low profitability of fields, tourist exploitation has become more than an interesting activity for the Patagonian producer, by allowing the development of an extra value to our precious lands, lain in that, that many Ranches have fully put themselves into this activity and have obtained out of it an income increase.

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