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Patagonia Argentina, Chile and Uruguay

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Propiedad Code: 178

Surface: 20000 HA
City: Puerto San Julian
Province: Santa Cruz
Country: Argentina

Descripción: LANDSCAPE: Landscape of Patagonian coast, smooth undulations that descend towards the Atlantic coast. DESCRIPTION INSTALLATIONS: The Facilities are i...

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Propiedad Code: 189

Surface: 500 HA
City: Esquel
Province: Chubut
Country: Argentina

Descripción: LANDSCAPE: Andean mountain landscape, in proximities to the National Park the Larches, of easy access all the year (paved way), forests and great amou...

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Propiedad Code: 217

Surface: 890 HA
City: El Calafate
Province: Santa Cruz
Country: Argentina

Descripción: LANDSCAPE: The landscape is typical of the South Patagonia, located in the heart of the mountain range, with natural forests of Lengas and Ñires, ...

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Propiedad Code: 225

Surface: 0 HA
City: Bariloche
Province: Rio Negro
Country: Argentina

Descripción: LANDSCAPE: House of first level, located beside the Lago Nahuel Huapi, with 80 meters of coast on the lake and just to 16 km of the city of Bariloche,...

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Propiedad Code: 302

Surface: 2.7 HA
City: Cholila
Province: Chubut
Country: Argentina

Descripción: LANDSCAPE: A fraction of gently sloping to Lake Lezana, covered mostly by forests of cypress, is an open forest-friendly transit. The mountain views a...

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Propiedad Code: 312

Surface: 555 HA
City: Aysén
Province: XI Región
Country: Chile

Descripción: LANDSCAPE: Incredible landscape surrounded by mountains and just 15 km from the Southern Road paved. Streams, springs, waterfalls and a mighty river u...

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