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Patagonia Argentina, Chile and Uruguay

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Propiedad Code: 47

Surface: 15000 HA
City: Esquel
Province: Chubut
Country: Argentina

Descripción: LANDSCAPE: Andean Hill landscape, Forests, valleys and plateaus, abundant stream water and Lagoons. All the topographies and Patagonian Landscapes, ar...

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Propiedad Code: 359

Surface: 2015 HA
City: Young
Province: Río Negro
Country: Uruguay

Descripción: LANDSCAPE: Typography: Typical soil 10.1, 10.4, 9.1, 9.3 DESCRIPTION INSTALLATIONS: DESCRIPTION: Suitable for logging, agricultural: 60% to 80%, No...

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Propiedad Code: 357

Surface: 52000 HA
City: Puerto Deseado
Province: Santa Cruz
Country: Argentina

Descripción: LANDSCAPE: This is a typical property of the Patagonian coast, semi-desert landscape composed of thickets of medium size, piquillín and fescues, am...

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Propiedad Code: 383

Surface: 40000 HA
City: Rio Gallegos
Province: Santa Cruz
Country: Argentina

Descripción: LANDSCAPE: The property is located on the Atlantic Ocean where the beaches are accessible in a few places because the coast cliffs towering over more ...

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Propiedad Code: 396

Surface: 74000 HA
City: El Chalten
Province: Santa Cruz
Country: Argentina

Descripción: LANDSCAPE: The landscape is varied, wide valleys, hills and mountains. Topographical differences ranging from 600 m to 3,000 msn, therefore, the estab...

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Propiedad Code: 320

Surface: 34000 HA
City: Bahia Laura
Province: Santa Cruz
Country: Argentina

Descripción: LANDSCAPE: It is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean gently rolling geography and shrubbery. The cattle ranch operation performed Australian M...

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