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Rivadavia 439 (9000) - Comodoro Rivadavia - Chubut
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Field in Patagonia
Code: 300 - 32.200 HA

Nearest town: Trelew
Province: Chubut
Country: Argentina


Extra Atributes:

Landscape description:
10 km from the Villa del Dique Florentino Ameghino, 110 km from the city of Trelew and 70 km from the town of Feathers. Bordered on the south by the Florentino Ameghino Dam Reservoir. The establishment is located on National Route No. 25 in the province of Chubut, Martyrs department, some 110 kilometers west of Trelew The main hull of the establishment is by the side of the road above, which allows access to it throughout the year. It is a traditional livestock production area of the Patagonian plateau, where the stocking rate for sheep is 450 league. This charge could be changed if there is a proper distribution of water throughout the premises. The landscape of the field are two different geographies. It can be seen in the various tables and the varied pasture cover of native species, shrubs, grasses and other species, both perennial and annual, such as Poa, Cola piche, perennial grasses quilimbay, algarrobillo criollo, etc

The Main House is built entirely of masonry, galvanized steel roof. The main house has 3 bedrooms, kitchen, pantry, dining room and 3 bathrooms. Material shed roof of galvanized sheet for shearing. The Establishment has 2 (two) posts, one of them has a house with 2 bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom, a shearing shed built entirely in galvanized and pens with Bret for farm and stable. Since the other has a house with 3 bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom and a two-bedroom house with galvanized Barn and several pens for shearing and Bret sleeves and bathroom ranch and stables.

The Establishment has two canyons that can be traversed in its entirety (vehicle 4 x 2) these culminating in the only two feasible tickets available to be exploited Dam reservoir on the northern bank. As we walk the same shows considerable walls formed with outcrops of rocks of various shapes and colors due to the intense wear caused mainly by water and wind. About Emablse there are several sandy beaches with beautiful views and good fishing.
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