farms for sale in patagonia argentina
Rivadavia 439 (9000) - Comodoro Rivadavia - Chubut
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CIA Cámara Inmobiliaria Argentina
Field in Patagonia
Code: 287 - 1.000 HA

Nearest town: Ushuaia
Province: Tierra Del Fuego
Country: Argentina


Extra Atributes:

Landscape description:
Impressive mountain landscape by the sea coast at the End of the World. High lengas stretch metres from the Beagle Channel contrasting mountain vegetation on the banks of saltwater from the sea. The fraction is located opposite the Navarino Island, the Picton Island, The Nueva Island and the Lenox Island. A marvel of the nature reserved for only a few and demanding ones, and on a unique setting at the end of the earth.

The only road access is passable throughout the year.

The property has 3 beautiful sheltered bays with calm water, many high forests that allow travelling through the land without any inconvenient. There are streams which descend from the mountains to the sea. The banks are so varied that in the 4 km extension soft sandy beaches, rolling stone beaches and natural solid granite harbours can be found. The land is one of an exceptional beauty offering a great potential for development especially for the tourism.
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