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Rivadavia 439 (9000) - Comodoro Rivadavia - Chubut
Phone/Fax: (54) - 297- 4475228 / 4475204
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Field in Patagonia
Code: 282 - 9 HA

Nearest town: Trelew
Province: Chubut
Country: Argentina


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Landscape description:
The ranch is located in the province of Chubut, department Rawson, about 15 km. south from the city of Trelew. This property, with distinctly productive features, is located just 600 meters from the provincial route No. 7 (recently paved), which connects the city of Trelew to the town of Gaiman. The ranch is engaged in the production of cherries and to a lesser extent in the production of walnuts, counting at present with about 13,500 (thirteen thousand five hundred) cherry plants and about 500 (five hundred) walnut plants. The age of the mount is mostly 5 green, finding plants of 4 and 1 green, while the mount of walnuts has an average age of 6 years. The varieties of cherries that are planted are: STELLA, SWEETHEARTH, SUMMIY, LAPINS, SUMBURTS and NEWSTAR. As a matter of market demand, SUMBURTS and NEWSTAR varieties are being tried to draw from plantation, being replaced by SANTINA and BING (The grafts made so far are 566). The 95% of Mount introduced a conducting system called TATURA (Plant tilted 30 to 40 degrees from the vertical position) while the remaining 5% is with a system of vertical conduction (new mount with about 800 plants).

The cherries mount is irrigated by a drip system, while preventing of late frost is done through the sprinkler irrigation. For drip irrigation pumps are used to filter records and rings while for the spray irrigation using 2 (two) -8-cylinder- engines with two bombs, which are supplied by a deposit with a capacity of around 350,000 litres. It is worth mentioning that all sprinkler irrigation system was designed and built by the company PROTEFRUT from Villa Regina, Rio Negro (brand used pipe: TIGER). The walnut mount has a system of communicating vessels and their irrigation is done by furrows. The operational facilities of the ranch are: Pumping room next to the water tank. Storage of fertilizers and agrochemicals. Bathroom staff. Workshop. Warehouse 10 x 20 meters. The house has 2 (two) main rooms, bathroom and dining area of 5 x 9 metres. The property has electricity (single-phase and three-phase), the branch of natural gas passes by the entrance and it is a 1st irrigator with its own channel.

The output of the ranch in the 06 / 07 harvest was about 63,000 kilogrames of cherries, having a projection for the 07 / 08 harvest of 90,000 kilograms and for the 08 / 09 harvest 105,000 kilograms approximate
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